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Order Meals Anytime in DC With Online Catering

Treat yourself and your officemates to locally sourced DC catering right when you need it — lunch is just a click away with our new online catering service! All you have to do to order catering online is take advantage of our user-friendly online system. Whether you want catering for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we make it simple for you to make your order with our corporate catering online. Go to our site, fill out your information and make your request. When you place an online catering order, you can enjoy the best benefits of our local service. Find out for yourself what makes Haute Catering one of the most innovative, exceptional caterers in the industry today! 

Benefits of Ordering Online

With Haute Catering, getting a catered lunch has never been easier. Right at your work desk you can go to our website, select your meal and wait for us to bring it to you. When you’re interested in locally sourced meals from a green-conscious company, Haute Catering is the place to go! Consider some of the biggest perks of ordering from our menu online:

  •  A fast, convenient way to get catered breakfasts, lunches or dinners
  •  Meals that feature fresh, seasonal, locally sourced food
  •  Ingredients sourced from producers within 250 miles of DC
  •  Quality service at affordable prices
  •  Working with a company that's committed to sustainable practices
  •  Catering for groups of all sizes
  •  Personalized service and care
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Why Choose Haute Catering

As a company with over 14 years in the industry, Haute Catering is pleased to provide the professional, award-winning, locally focused catering services that our diverse DC clients love. Whether you’re a corporate office or a government firm, we’re here to get you delicious meals right when you need them. We’ve worked with area clients like the U.S. Department of Defense, the Library of Congress, the National Aquarium, Swann House and more — so let us put the same quality service to work for you! Here are some of the benefits of choosing us:

  •  Menus: We offer innovative menus.
  •  Local sourcing: We source ingredients locally from within 250 miles of DC.
  •  Sustainability: Our company has a green focus. We use sustainable resources, dispose of waste in safe ways and seek to decrease waste in general.
  •  Exceptional service: Customer service is always a priority to our team, and we work hard to provide catering that raises the bar for quality.
  •  Union company: Haute Catering is a union-managed organization with corporate support and quality assurance. 

Find Out More

When you’re ready to place an online order, you can do so conveniently on our site. Our corporate catering online is specifically designed to make it easy to get meals when you need them at your workplace. When you want to get more information about Haute Catering, our other services and catering options, or you have questions about what we offer, feel free to contact us today!