On-Site Café Operations

Professional DC Café Operations For Better Workplace Meals

Turn your on-site café into a place where your workers will want to eat — enlist the support of our full-service cafés and café management! Haute Catering has been running cafeterias for DC facilities like yours for years, currently operating four full-service locations in the area. Through our high-quality, locally sourced food and regularly updated seasonal menus, we create the kind of eating areas where employees actually look forward to eating. As your staff members enjoy the food service at your location, they’re happier in the workplace and more engaged with your business, making your company a more desirable, attractive place to work. They may even be more engaged with one another as they share meals on site.

With Haute Catering handling your on-site café operations management, you can build community, provide quality food, and know you’re making a sustainable, green-focused choice. Save yourself the time and hassle of trying to manage an on-site café, and let us give you a better, more delicious way to eat at work.

Benefits of Working With Our Cafeteria Management Company

Turning your café over to a management company means saving yourself the hassles of trying to keep up with daily operations and support. We’ll handle everything at your full-service café, while also providing the superior quality that can only come from an established, professional food services company. Some of the perks of working with us include:

  •  Delicious food: Our chefs pride themselves on innovation, constantly creating flavorful menus.
  •  Locally sourced ingredients: We source all our food from within 250 miles of DC, making our meals more sustainable, as well as lowering the costs of shipping and transportation factored into food. 
  •  Green practices: We use biodegradable products, work with local vendors and producers, source locally and aim to reduce waste, re-use materials and recycle whenever possible.
  •  Monthly food celebrations: Our creative professionals make menus more interesting by celebrating specific ingredients or cuisines in a way that keeps everyone’s attention.
  •  Seasonally rotating hot bar menus: Our hot bars aren’t filled with just the same old entrees. Rather, we seasonally update our menus to reflect what’s being harvested at the time. This allows us to maximize flavor while also highlighting the area’s regional cuisine.
  •  Security Clearances: Haute Catering currently operates 4 cafes in DC government buildings. As a food service provider for theses buildings, Haute Catering has been vetted and holds the necessary security clearances to operate in secure buildings. 
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Why Choose Haute Catering for Your Café Catering?

Backed by over 14 years in the catering industry, Haute Catering is the catering service that local businesses and organizations trust for quality, sustainable, award-winning catering. Our clients have included the Pentagon, the Library of Congress, Swann House, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Naval Academy, Watermark Cruises and more.  A union-managed organization with a green focus, we make customer service a top priority and aim to deliver a superior experience on every job.

When you’re looking for innovative, local food and personalized service, talk to us at Haute Catering. We’ll take over the operations of your café so that you’re free to focus on other priorities — all while enjoying exceptional food from the area’s leading caterer.

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